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Mike Cooper mips/amps-A Brief Biography

Back in the sixties, after playing guitar in bands and spending many hours experimenting at home with multitrack guitar recording, Mike got a job in a music recording studio in London as a trainee assistant/tape operator. The studio was De Lane Lea Music in Kingsway and the timing was perfect. Within a few weeks of starting, he worked as assistant on the legendary Jimi Hendrix record, Hey Joe. Soon after bands such as the Who, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and all of Mickie Most's artists went through the doors of the legiondary studio giving Mike a very memorable start to a career in sound recording. Working for the next 17 years as a staff and freelance music recording engineer in various studios in the UK and Europe recording everything from Rock to Orchestral, the time came to make a move to TV and film sound. This started off mainly for BBC TV through one of the corporation's main facility resources leading to a very wide client base as a freelance working on TV drama, feature films, commercials and documentaries. Today Mike's based in Spain but works round the World. He is a full member of both AMPS and the Institute of Professional Sound.